A Hundred Thousand Welcomes

A Hundred Thousand Welcomes

Aussie Bush Poetry

This CD is more of the poetry of John O'Brien. Poems that were not recorded in the first double CD "John O'Brien - Australian Bush Poetry" can be found here. There is no repetition. 

CD, $20 plus postage $3 domestic, $9 international

1. The Pastor of St. Mel's
2. Calling to Me 
3. The Tidy Little Body 
4. The Casey’s After Mass
5. The Libel
6. Honeymooning From the Country
7. The Careys 
8. Currajong
9. My Curate’s Motor-Bike 
10. The Field of the Cloth of Gold
11. Old Sister Paul 
12. Keep Pushing Your Own Little Barrow
13. The Boy That Cleared Away 
14. The Also Started 
15. The Thuckeen at the Door
16. A Soldier's Mother — Half-a-Crown 
17. Good-Bye and God be Wid Ye

Around the Boree Log

Around the Boree Log

Aussie Bush Poetry

"Around the Boree Log"
This pioneer poet-priest (Monsignor Patrick Hartigan) - John O'Brien is a master of character portrayal.
(Double CD $25 plus $3 domestic postage, $9 international postage)

1. Around the Boree Log
2. The Little Irish Mother
3. Said Hanrahan
4. Ownerless
5. Tangmalangaloo
6. The Old Mass Shandrydan
7. The Presby'try Dog
8. The Trimmin's on the Rosary
9. Six brown Boxer Hats
10. The Old Bush School
11. The Parting Rosary
12. Ten Little Steps and Stairs
13. Josephine
14. When the Circus Comes to Town
15. Vale, Father Pat

"The Parish of St Mel's"
1. The Durkins
2. The Road to Danaheys
3. The Meeting
4. Firin' on the Eight
5. Cooney's Daughter
6. The Day the Inspector Comes
7. When the "Sut" Drops Down
8. Ten-Twelve Shebang
9. Sittin' Be the Wall
10. Sez She
11. The One Ton Truck